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The Red Sea Environmental Centre (RSEC) is a collaboration of mare-mundi.eu (NGO registered in Austria) and the individual enterprise Christian von Mach (registered in Germany). RSEC promotes coral reef research, education and conservation at the Red Sea. The RSEC runs a fieldstation for marine science and marine conservation at the southeast coast of the Sinai in Dahab. Our partner dive center at the Red Sea is Sinai Divers.

Start your Coral Reef Adventure here ... this is what we offer

courses and seminars in marine biology: Start your Coral Reef Adventure with us. Discover the beauty of the Red Sea. Courses are available from Mini-ID-Courses (30 min) to 1- or 2-week courses. Everybody can join and we have a course for each level (up to graduate students) including our popular fluorescent night dives and the Reef Check EcoDiver course. You can dive or snorkel with us, or just join a dry course.

Ecodiving and scientific diving: RSEC offers Ecodiving and training in underwater survey techniques and scientific diving skills.

Bachelor & Master students Students of marine science are greatly welcome to conduct their fieldwork at RSEC with supervision from our experienced marine biologists.

Universities are invited to visit our fieldstation for their excursions. They take advantage of our facilities and our experience. RSEC provides logistic and scientific support.

Schools and Teachers can come to us for their school trips or for a marine biology training as further education.

Conservation volunteering, internships Coral Reefs are under threat worldwide, including the Red Sea. We can help make a difference by learning more about coral reefs and collecting valuable data to establish the state of coral reefs. Share this with a professional staff and other like-minded volunteers. Conservation volunteering is available for 5 weeks or more ( long-term volunteers) or for 2 weeks, suitable for divers and snorkelers as well as for students and non-students.

Diving and dive courses RSEC offers many dive courses linked with an ecoseminar. Learn to dive or continue your dive career with an environmental awareness.

Start your Coral Reef Adventure with us!
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